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Everyone wants to have an aesthetically pleasing website, that’s a given.


However, we think your website should be working as your 24hour sales person, generating leads and sales for you.
If that’s the way you think, then Rainmaker are the right web design company for you.


So where do you start?
So, you have decided to build or redesign your website.


As a web design company, we don’t believe that all websites are built equally.


At Rainmaker we always put strategy first. We plan the work and then work the plan.


The goal of the strategy is to understand your audience’s world and how your website can solve the problems your prospects are looking for solutions to.

Building a website is a little like building a house, without a design in place understanding the different pages/rooms you want to build, with the materials/content/images that you will use.



The steps we use in building your website are:


Goal Setting:
We want to develop a clear understanding of the business objectives you aim to achieve through your website. (Generate Leads, Sales)


Understand Outcomes:
Define and understand the outcomes your customers are trying to reach. (e.g. customers don’t buy a drill, they buy a hole making tool)


Customer Bullseye:
You can’t sell everything to everyone so don’t even try. There’s a reason there’s a cross-hair in a sniper scope. Its to allow focus. You have a customer type that buys more of your product or buys quicker or easier than other prospects. By creating a customer bullseye, we can help you focus your efforts, time, content to appealing to that buyer type.


Buyer Journey:
Each of your customers takes a route to the destination, i.e. buying a service or product.


They will have passed through one to four stages on that journey.


The stages we define are:

    • Awareness: – They Think They Have A Problem
    • Identification: – They Know They Have A Problem
    • Decision: – Weighing Up Their Options
    • Delivery: – They Make A Purchase


To Get Started : – Fill In The Form Or Call Us Now On 01-5394010