Pay Per Click Management - Rainmaker Online Marketing
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Pay Per Click Management

What do we do:


We generate sales online for our clients.

Our digital marketing campaigns utilise Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, and LinkedIn advertising through pay per click management to grow businesses bottom line by increasing their sales.


Why does it work for us and not for others?

We start with sales rather than visitors. That’s what makes us different from the beginning.

For us, it’s not about spent and budget it’s about sales and growth.


There’s no magic to generating sales from pay per click management unless that’s what you’re looking for. We talk straight about what you will generate in sales from your spend. (Currently, you can expect between €8 and €12 for every €1 you spend!)


Generating sales through AdWords, Facebook advertising, and LinkedIn is all we do and do it in different markets for different clients. Because of this, we know what will work and how we can utilise your budget to its best effect.


That’s not the traditional pay per click model using AdWords, Facebook advertising or LinkedIn advertising.



What makes us think we are good at it?

Between 8 and 12x return on investment. Simple as that.

Our clients currently get from 8 to 12x on every euro/dollar they spend with us.

Why not compare our results to yours and let us know how they fair out?

Why would you use pay per click advertising?

  • To grow your sales
  • Reaching the right people at the right time
  • Advertising locally or internationally

The different type of ads we utilise are:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • App Ads

The Benefits of using pay per click management:

  • There’s no getting used to things phase
  • We are responsible for digital sales nothing else
  • We deliver immediately
  • We are only of use to you when we generate sales
  • We don’t need to be motivated to do what we do
  • You ask we do, no need for explanations

Two scenarios we work with regularly are:

Scenario One:

A business will contact us because it is struggling to meet the sales targets.

Scenario Two:

A business contacts us because they want their sales team to have their sales pipeline full of inquiries, from the website, phone calls or your app.

Why Our Pay Per Click Management Campaigns Work for Our Clients:

We generate sales:

This is probably the most common requirement our customers have. Some may have never used pay per click advertising before and come may already have an internal resource carrying it out for them. Either way, they contact us. With results in the region of 8 to 12x return on investment, it makes sense.

Advertising locally or globally:

This works quite well for our customers looking to expand into foreign markets. Whether it be a country or a city, our clients benefit from selling into these markets with certainty based on our computer-based models of spend vs return. It’s less like taking a punt and more like shooting fish in a barrel.

Reaching The Right People At The Right Time:

Our clients benefit from our campaigns that find your perfect customer at a time they are searching for your products and services and bring them to your business. No waste of time or money involved. We are tight, really tight on our targeting. We only find targeted customers looking for your services. You dont pay for traffic you pay for sales.

Pay For Results Not Effort:

With our pay per click marketing campaigns, our clients only get charged for the prospect visits. That means that you are only paying for real opportunities which turn into real sales.

We don’t do per second billing because you want results, not excuses. We are not about labor, effort or excuses. To make money in pay per click advertising you need to be clear and concise about what you want to generate in sales. Then you need campaigns that deliver on these numbers. You won’t find many marketers that want to work with you on that basis. Remember 8 to 12x return on your investment.

Budget relevant to what you want to make from sales.

With our computer models we will tell you how many people are looking for your business online. From that we tell you how many will come to your business and how many enquiries you will get. We can effectively tell you how many sales you should be making from the enquiries. So when we suggest you spend 25K per year you are paying a fraction of the 8 to 12x return you will realise.