Our Commitment


Values, Vision, Commitment

“Rainmaker will show you if theres anyone looking for your product/services and how much revenue we can deliver, before you spend 1cent.”


Your prospect has a problem needs fixing and you have a solution to that problem.

Bring the two parties together and business takes place.

That is Online Marketing – The Rainmaker Way.

Rainmaker Values:

Honesty, Integrity, Straight Talk, Action Not Excuses, Bring Solutions Not Problems, Do No Wrong.

Our Vision:

Where Rainmaker Are The Go To Guys For Business Owners Who Only Care About Growing Their Bottom Line And Straight Talk.

Our Commitment To That Vision:

Honest Days Work For An Honest Days Pay:

By that we mean, only working with clients that we can prove they can make money.

Talk Like A Business:

We only talk about prospects, customers, sales, revenue.

There’s no need or place for using digital marketing lingo.

Keep It Lean:

If it doesn’t generate revenue for our clients, its just noise. If we cant tie a solution to growing revenue then we don’t talk about it.

To Our Customer Stabilise and Grow:

Our solutions deliver dependable revenue growth. That means jobs kept and jobs made for our customers, their employees and families.

Believe That Our Clients Business Is Our Business:

Every penny spent by our clients is as valuable to them as it would be if it was ours. We will only invest clients money in a solution that we can prove makes money.

Our Story


We Started our business in a recession. Working through different guises and a different name, we formally release Rainmaker in 2012.

We exist in the digital marketing space but not by choice. We call what we do digital marketing but its actually online sales and sales leads we that we generate.

We see the online arena as the perfect environment to generate revenue for businesses, “IF YOUR PROSPECT, GOES ONLINE”.

If your prospect goes online, we find them, bring them to your website and convert them into a customer. That’s our model.

Similar to a builder, we use tools. He builds a house, we build revenue.

It’s pretty much irrelevant which tools the builder uses to build the house, you just want the house.

Then at rainmaker its irrelevant which tools we use to build your revenue.

A little about the guy who set Rainmaker up:

Kevin Doyle. M.D.

Starting out wanting to be a farm manager after leaving school, not just managing one farm but manage multiple farms.

He left farming behind and entered the hospitality sector working in a pub/restaurant and undertakers before deciding that technology was the place do develop and secure a future.

Everything learnt up to then was leveraged during that recession in the 80s, went to London and got phenomenal exposure to technology.

That grounding in technology meant that 4 years later, with a national certificate in agriculture, a certificate from Guiness and a city & guilds certificate in applications programming, Kevin held the most senior I.T. role in a global company responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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