About Rainmaker

Rainmakers Mission:


To take the mystery, fear, and nonsense out of digital sales.


A little about the Rainmaker:

Kevin Doyle is the Managing Director of Rainmaker Online Marketing.

What makes him different is he’s not a marketer doesn’t have a marketing background and doesn’t have a marketing qualification.


His biggest claim to fame is that when he left school, his first job was milking cows, went on to be a barman and an undertaker and ended up running one of the largest ICT departments on the planet. One common trait through each of his roles was that he kept things simple, met deadlines and deliver results.


He founded rainmaker in 2012 because probably like you, he was fed up listening to marketing spin and listening to the smoke and mirrors from the digital marketing fraternity… he thought there had to be a better simpler way of delivering online sales. and so, the journey began.


His one tip for delivering sales is “Keeping It Simple”


His business Rainmaker is all about the Goal and keeping it simple.

Rainmaker dont’t do fluff, its all about the metrics. It takes so many inquiries to make so many sales which delivers so much revenue.

Rainmaker brings you the visitors that make those inquiries.

Rainmaker’s mission is to take the fear from generating sales on the internet.