About Our Company | Digital Sales & Digital Sales Lead Specialists
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About Our Company

What We Do And What We Stand For

Why We Exist

What We Do

Rainmaker are leaders in generating digital sales.


We work with businesses that already have a website and are already delivering digital sales leads through it or believe that it should be delivering digital sales leads.


We find your customer at the time they are looking for a solution to their problem, bring them to your website and get them to pick up a phone and call you, fill in a contact form requesting a call back or purchase directly from the site.


We will generate digital sales before we generate a sales invoice.

Why We Stand Out

  • We dont do fear and mystery when it comes to digital sales.
  • We talk simple language around business needs, revenue focused.
  • We dont “try” things without targets.
  • We will tell you if we cant help you.
  • We only generate digital sales leads.
  • We will tell you how many digital sales we will deliver and then we deliver them.
  • We invoice you on our results, not on how difficult it is, how many hours we put in our how hard we try.

The Rainmaker Vision

Rainmaker will strive to be the go to supplier of Digital Sales Leads to the sme industries.

The Rainmaker Mission

Our mission is to increase our customers revenue  through digital sales.


We will be valued by delivering on our promises and exceeding our clients expectations.


We will look to forge strong relationships with businesses who value results above effort.


We will not make an industry out of the simple.


We Will Be Seen By Our Customer As A Revenue Generating Asset Not A Retainer Invoice