Using A Google Partner Will Grow your Bottom Line

Using A Google Partner Will Grow your Bottom Line

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using a certified Google AdWords partner agency when it comes to pay per click advertising.


So, to set out our stall, yes, we are an agency and yes one of the ways we generate sales and leads for our clients is using pay per click advertising.

Yes, you have a group in house that already take care of this for you and sure that’s grand or you already have a company that you outsource your digital marketing. If you are getting in the region of 8 to 12x return on your investment, then you truly have a well oiled and sales focused marketing team and we could give add nothing to your bottom line.


Chances are though, they are not delivering any quantifiable marketing return on investment.



Well for a start you have hired or retained extremely qualified and focused marketers. They are probably delivering a large amount of results in terms of audience, demographic representation, views, likes and shares.

All great in their own right and its wrong to discount the benefit unless these are the metrics that are being represented.


You will no doubt have asked how many sales the effort has generated in terms of sales or how many sales we have got from last months marketing spend, undoubtedly you will have heard the phrase “It doesn’t really work like that”.

Well here’s the news flash you may have been waiting for or not as the case may be.

We say, “Its always like that”.


Now more than ever you can quantify the amount of business and growth to your bottom line the same way you currently set your sales targets.

For example, John Dig has been set the target of generating 100K for your business. So, he diligently looks at your product, the margin, the number of customers he will have to get on board in order to meet these numbers and how many meetings he will have to conduct to get those new customers.

Here’s the news flash…….


Right now, online you can do the very same and you have been able for years.


You start with:

  • How much revenue growth you want
  • Decide how many customers you need to get that growth
  • Find how many online visitors you need to convert into those customers
  • Get the volume for searches each month, quarter and year that convert into those visitors.


And now you can see “It Does Work Like That”.


The benefit of working with a digital marketing agency is that they will bring this to the table for you.

  • They work directly with google so you get the latest and most UpToDate information.
  • Google partners are reviewed constantly on their performance.
  • Google partners have access to all the features available on the platform and because they work in different markets they will know how to leverage the benefits for your account
  • Access to beta features. The benefit of having a Google partner working on your account is they have access to the beta products that Google bring online before anyone else gets access to it.


All this said, the agency should be comfortable sitting on your side of the table discussing your sales numbers and how they will be measured each month and quarter to help you meet your numbers.


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