4 Reasons To Believe Email Marketing Works

4 Reasons To Believe Email Marketing Works

So email marketing gets a bad rap. Its not surprising.

Just like yourselves we receive a bunch of misguided emails each day.

A prime example of how email marketing gets a bad name springs to mind.

Last Friday, I personally received an email from a Welding Plant Supplier here in Ireland.


I let most of these scatter gun approaches off the hook and just delete them. The reason I took notice of this one was that I received an email from the same company the previous week on the same day.

I took the opportunity to reach the owner of the business and advise him that I had received an email from him. His response was two fold:

  1. Was I sure that it was a mistake, which I advised him was waaaaaay of field. We provide lead and sales generations services.
  2. We already have someone in house taking care of this, when I suggested we could take care of it for him and indeed generate more qualified leads.


So why after all this, do I firmly believe email marketing works

  1. Email marketing captures qualified (top of funnel) leads,

But only if you target your audience with targeted content

  1. Email marketing is a cost effective method of nurturing leads from the top to the middle/bottom of your sales funnel

But only if you target your audience with targeted content

  1. Email marketing can help your sales team nurture your prospect through their buyers journey

But only if you target your audience with targeted content

  1. Email marketing is trackable, which means you can measure results, improve performance and generate more sales, thereby growing your bottom line.

But only if you target your audience with targeted content.


So why is it that email marketing gets a bad rap, its similar to a set of golf clubs in the hands of a high handicapper.

Anybody can hit a ball with a bit of luck with any golf club.

To hit it consistently and precisely, you need to be just that, consistent and precise.


So heres a scenario,


ACME ltd purchase an email list, just wonderful.

They got exactly what they asked for by the way, they asked for 300 email addresses of businesses. Cash changes hands and off they run to send their first email shot.

Mostly they will send a complete catalog of their products to the unsuspecting 300 businesses.


The results, exactly what they should expect. Just like the golfer, every now and then they hit a luck shot more often than not they dont. The results ant be repeated with any certainty because they don’t know what they did to hit the ball that was different to any time before.


So to make their campaign results hit the mark:

  • Firstly They should have:
  • Asked themselves what product they want to sell
  • Asked themselves what problem their product solves
  • Asked themselves who the person is likely to be receiving the email



  • Use a method that allows them to track the delivery rate, open rate and follow on action.
  • Target the location, geolocation that they can sell to.
  • Target the person they are going to sell “The Product” To.
  • Write a foucsed headline with value for their prospect(Not we sell everything)


“Ok theres a lot more to getting qualified sales but if any of the basics is missed then the results will reflect the targeting.”


Take away:

With email marketing its like your 60 second elevator pitch, if you cant clarify whats in it for your prospect in the 60 seconds, your email is likely destined for the trash can.

Whats the net result:

  • You spent money on your list
  • You spent money on a team member getting it
  • You spent money on a team member writing an generic email
  • Mostly you got nothing out of it.