3 Things To Understand About Your Customer

3 Things To Understand About Your Customer

How do your customers engage with service providers before a purchase?


In January, it’s all go with new year’s resolutions. Into the gym, pounding the pavement.


But research shows that when it comes to fiscal decisions, its March and April that they act.


In Our Article We Will Discuss:

  • Researching Decisions
  • Prospect Expectations
  • Benefits To Your Business


Before digital, people walked to the service provider to make a purchase.  Things have changed though and now, your user/visitor is expecting a frictionless helpful and personalised service.


The one major takeaway from our research is that when it comes to wealth management, customers at all levels heavily rely on digital to assist them making decisions at every step of their journey.


Researching Every Decision:

With the availability of mobile phones for ages from young to old, people are now researching every purchase online. That may be as simple as booking a restaurant, buying a car, investing in infrastructure or health insurance.

As part of our partnership with Google, we have found that for example, searches with the qualifier “should I “have grown by over 65% in the past two years. Including the searches for “should I invest in “and even “what should I invest in “

Our research shows that your customer is engaging in research at the earliest stages in their purchase, what we call the awareness phase.  We have found that half of online investors don’t even have a brand in mind when they start looking.

This is the perfect time to make sure your prospect and your brand cross paths.


“More than half of offline investors gather information online first”


Meeting your customer’s expectations will define how your business grows:


Technology is advancing on both the consumer’s side and the provider’s side.  It’s quite possible to meet and exceed the consumer’s expectations.  However conventional thinking will not work with the digital visitor.

Firstly, your prospect will now accept anything but the highest standards in customer service.

  1. Your platform MUST be mobile
  2. Your platform MUST be quick
  3. Your platform MUST solve THEIR problem


Secondly, your prospect wants to feel loved

  1. Your message should be targeted for just them
  2. Your message needs to be relevant to just them
  3. Your message needs to solve THEIR problem


How This Benefits Your Business Growth:

Now that we know so much about your prospects buying cycle, we can engage with them before they decide on a brand.

We Can Help You Grow Your Bottom Line By:

  1. Finding Your Customer At The Research Stage And Bring Them To You
  2. Provide A Platform That Is Mobile
  3. Provide A Platform That Is Quick
  4. Provide A Platform That Gives Your Prospect A Reason To Buy From You.


In Conclusion:

You need to rethink the way you sell to your prospect because It’s all about them.


  • Get In Front Of Your Prospect
  • Give Them What They Want