4 Things To Know About The Future Of Marketing

4 Things To Know About The Future Of Marketing

The digital landscape is in a constant state of flux. If you are not adapting, then you are being left behind.

In this article we will discuss:

  1. The way your customer gets assistance is evolving.
  2. Your customer is looking for a simple, seamless mobile experience.
  3. Your customer is now mixing and blending their online and offline efforts on the way to a purchase.
  4. Expectations from your customer on how you interact with them is rising


At Rainmaker we are helping businesses to understand their customer and their journey to purchasing a product or service.  The digital playbook is changing and evolving and with our help we can help you meet your customer on their journey at the precise time they are looking to buy.


The way your customer gets assistance is evolving:

The evolution of mobile has brought about a situation whereby your customer can go to an I-want moment from anywhere. That could be I-Want to go, I-Want to do or I-Want to buy.  These are the moments that matter.  The way your customer looks for assistance is evolving from simply typing to speaking.

For example, in the Google app on mobile devices, 20% of the searches are now by voice.


Consumers want a simple, seamless mobile experience:

Getting the mobile fundamentals right is critical across all digital platforms.  Businesses need to think about optimising their brand across their entire digital footprint to ensure success in the future. The key to better user interaction is speed.  No matter how great your website looks, your customer will abandon it if it loads slowly.

After analysing 900,000 mobile advertising landing pages across 126 countries, Google has established benchmarks for mobile page speed. The benefit of this is that we as digital sales generators can send advertising traffic to Accelerated Mobile Pages.


For every second delay in mobile page load, conversions fall by up to 20%.


Your customer is now blending online and offline efforts to purchase

With the linear journey from searching to purchasing now gone, it is still possible with our help to understand the customer journey across channels, devices and media types. We can help you see the engagement within and across your channels detailing where they are coming from, measuring their interaction from visitor to customer and suggesting improvements in current and emerging channels.


Customer Expectations Are Rising:

Your customers today believe they should get a tailored marketing/sales message. They will no longer put up with the scattergun approach that stemmed from email lists with generic messages.   If your customer feels that you don’t care, then they don’t either. Reaching the right customer with the right message has never been more important or easier than now.



In conclusion:

With trends and innovations shaping the fast-changing customer landscape, we are in a constant state of change and innovation to help our clients exceed their customer’s expectations and needs, helping them grow their bottom line and their sales funnel.