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We Show You The Revenue, Before We Start.



Taking The Fear And Mystery Out Of Generating Online Sales & Sales Leads


We Do Not Make An Industry Out Of The Simple.

How Much Revenue Can You Generate Through Your Website

Rainmaker – Why Us, Whats Different?

We Show You How Much Revenue Will Be Generated Before You Have To Spend €1.

How Do you Benefit?

Benefit To Business Owners?

Benefit To Business Owners

Benefit To You?

Results Before Starting

Some may say this is not possible.

We say its not easy.

We will show you how much revenue you can expect to generate before you spend a single euro.

Removing The Fear

  • Fear of technology?
  • Fear of looking stupid?
  • Fear of wasting money?
  • Fear of getting burned, again?

Using language around prospects, sales and revenue instead of digital marketing jargon is our starting point.

Straight Talk

“If I Spend X how much revenue will I make back”

Youre probably even more tired of hearing, “it does’nt work like that”, we would say that it can only work like that.

Rainmaker use straight talk, regardless of what tool we use, its always about prospects becoming customers. Our metric, Revenue Generated.

One Provider

Unless you enjoy managing your different suppliers, we would prefer removing that pain and overhead.

Our solution is based on your need for revenue rather than discussions about who is getting in your way of generating it.


Find Out How We Can Help

Typically, within 48 hours of our call you will have all the information you need to make a decision

Value To Your Business?

Value To Business Owners?

Value To Business Owners

Value To You?

Simple language

The language we use is business language.

In our world, hopefully the same as yours,

We need:

  • To bring “X” prospects
  • To Generate “X” Sales
  • To Generate “€” in revenue
  • With “X” margin.

Welcome To Our World.

You Don't Waste Your Time Or Money

Would’nt you like to know if:

  • There Are Prospects Online Searching For You?
  • More prospects coming to your website should be buying from you?
  • Is there any sense in going online in the first place?

Straight Talk

What would it sound like to you if we asked:

  • How much revenue would you like to generate through your website sales or sales leads?
  • How many sales are need to generate that revenue?
  • How many prospects are needed to generate those sales?

Then we would say,
“We will bring those prospects and show you where they will come from and how much revenue we will generate.”

Different chat about digital marketing, right?

One Provider

Unless you like listening to how your other digital marketing supplier is holding things up, our one stop digital sales solution could help you.


It helps you by:

  • Not having the discussions about how someone else is repsonsible.
  • Not having to listen to discussions that start with “it does’nt work like that”.
  • Not having to listen to discussions about how difficult it is or how hard we are trying.

In our world it starts with, let us get that done right now!

Find Out How We Can Help

Typically, within 48 hours of our call you will have all the information you need to make a decision

How Can We Help Your Business?

Can We Help?

How Can We Help

How We Can Help You?

Generating Online Sales

If you are looking to create a dependable online sales funnel that brings prospects that purchase your product online, then we can deliver that solution.

Generating Online Sales Leads

If you are looking to create a dependable online sales lead funnel that brings prospects to your website and convert them into a sales lead that converts into a sale, then we can deliver that solution.

Removing Risk

What would it look like if you knew how many prospects were actually looking for your products and services?

Would that make it easier to plan, project and grow?

Converting More Prospects

It may be that you are already generating online sales or sales leads.
You may think you should be converting more prospects into sales or not understand why they are or are not buying your products or services.

We can provide this solution.

Find Out How We Can Help

Typically, within 48 hours of our call you will have all the information you need to make a decision

Success Stories

On Average Our Customers Experience 17.5 Times Return On Investment.

Rainmaker are salest driven professionals with Strong ROI focus. If you need digital sales delivered under pressure, no slip-ups Rainmaker are the ones!


Sales Principle, IBM EMEA

Rainmaker Online Marketing Talk In Our Language. Our Discussions Are Always Based On Sales Leads. We Tell Them How Many Digital Sales We Need And They Make It Happen.

Paul Scott

Business Owner, KWETB

Rainmaker Online Marketing Take Away The Mystery And Fear Around Digital Sales. They Talk Our Language. Rainmaker Help Grow Business Revenues. They Keep It Simple.

Paul Pardy

GM, Applegreen

So How Do We Get Started?

What Do We Do - Really Well

  • We Find Your Prospect

  • We Bring Them To Your Website

  • We Convert Them Into A Customer

Oh! And We Will Show You How Much Revenue This Will Generate…

Before We Start!

Let’s Start The Discussion


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