Rainmaker helps business owners like you, who are frustrated by the lack of sales from their digital marketing spend.


It’s Been Said,

“I Know At Least Half Of My Marketing Budget Works”


At Rainmaker We Know Which Half.


We deliver 8-12 times return to your bottom line.

What Makes Us Different

We take the mystery, fear, and nonsense out of digital sales, & we talk in a language that business owners will understand.

For The Business Owner

We take away the fear and mystery from generating sales on the internet.


You think that there are customers searching for your services online.

Fear is holding you back from committing 100% online.

At Rainmaker, we spend time before we spend your money.


Its all about finding the traffic online and finding prospects online.

If they are there we will find them, if not we will tell you.

We Remove The Fear

Fear Of Technology

Fear Of Wasting Money

Fear Of Missing Opportunity

Fear Of Getting Burned, Again!

We Currently Return Between 8 & 12 X On Marketing Spend

The Process We Follow At Rainmaker To Generate Digital Sales For Your Business

Quantifiable Measurable Results Leading To Sales

At Rainmaker, We have a tried and tested process that generates a constant stream of qualified leads which turn into sales. Our process currently delivers between 8 and 12X Return on spend.

We Define Your Sales Goals Based On The Smart Goal Framework

Smart Goal Framework

Specific No Ambiguity
Measurable Metric Based
Achievable Be Realistic
Relevant Adds To Bottom Line
Timely Expected Due Date!

Smart Goal Examples

Specific Revenue Growth
Measurable 500K
Achievable 120 Monthly Sales
Relevant Revenue Growth 25%
Timely 12 Months

We Want To Know More About Your Customer So We Can Sell More

1 – Whats Your Customers Problem

So to be clearer. A person that is looking for a drill isn’t actually fixing the problem of needing a drill. They are fixing the problem of making a hole.

The closer you get to understanding the needs of your customer and matching their needs with solutions you have to help them, the more you will sell.

Our first piece of advice, “Stop Trying To Sell To Everyone”

2 – Who Is Your Ideal Customer

You shouldnt try to sell to everyone, so stop trying to.

The target has a bullseye for a reason. Its the sweet spot.

Just as with customers, you will have many from different locations and demographic makeups.

If you could delve into all the metrics involved in customers that have bought from you in the past you will find a sweet spot. The customer that buys easiest from you, the one that buys quicker from you, the one that buys the most from you.

Formulating this information into a customer bullseye profile is the first step in how we grow your sales and save you money.

3 - Example Customer Bulleye

Age 25 - 34
Education Level Third Level
Industry IT
Size Of Organisation 50 - 100
Job Title Sales Rep
How Is Their Job Measured Sales Generated
Who Do They Answer To Line Manager
What Are Their Goals Sales
What Problem Are They Trying To Solve Finding More Prospects
What Are Their Job repsonsibilities Sales Geneneration
What Tools Do They Need CRM Software
Vendor Communication Phone - Email

We Want To Quantify How Many Customers You Can Sell To

1- Build Profile

With all the details combined from your Goals, your Bullseye Customer and your competitors, we set about finding the quantity and quality of customer searching for your products and services online

What We Need From You

  • Defined Goals
  • Customer Bullseye
  • 3 Of Your Competitors

2- Crunch The Numbers

Our tools allow us search through Google and Bings databases. The information allows us to quantify how many people search per month for your products and services. We also carry out reserach on your competitors to  what strategies they are using. We can tell how much of market share they have and the value of the traffic they are getting. This information will benefit you in making an informed decision on how much you will need to spend in order to meet your revenue Goals.

3 - Our Reports Will Detail

Traffic Volume
Geographic Location
Device Category
Expected Visitors
Expected Budgets
Expected Revenue

Our Plan Incorporates Some Or All Of The Following Areas To Increase Sales

  • Sales Campaign

    Implement Some Or All Of The Following
    Sales Website Redesign
    Paid Traffic Sales Campaign
    Organic Traffic Sales Campaign
    Campaign Optimisation

  • Sales Website

    Implement Some Or All Of The Following
    Sales Calls To Action
    Sales Funneling
    Sales Content Improvement

  • Paid Traffic

    Implement Some Or All Of The Following
    Sales Search Campaign
    Sales Display Campaign
    Sales Remarketing Campaign

  • Organic Traffic

    Implement Some Or All Of The Following
    Organic Traffic Sales Campaign
    Organic Traffic Improvement Campaign
    Google Business Listing Optimisation

  • Optimisation

    Implement Some Or All Of The Following
    Website Funnel Optimisation
    Paid Traffic Optimisation
    Organic Traffic Optimisation
    Website Speed Optimisation

We Launch, Measure And Rework The Plan To Increase Sales

We Developed A Pan

Generate Revenue
Revenue From Sales
Sales From Leads
Leads From Visitors
Visitors From Searches

We Delivered The Plan

Generate Revenue 500K
Revenue From Sales 500K
Sales From Leads 29
Leads From Visitors 150
Visitors From Searches 960

We Improve The Plan

Generate Revenue 600K
Revenue From Sales 600K
Increase Sales 36
Increase Leads 170
Increase Visitors 1200
We Currently Return Between 8 & 12 X On Marketing Spend

The Rainmaker Promise


We Simplify The Complex

We speak in non technical language. We keep it simple and explain in english how we will help grow your business

We Invest

We Will Waste No Money

We spend our time qualifying our plan before we look to spend your money.

Keep You In The Loop

We Will Keep You Informed

Its no different than working with one of your employees. We open communication lines and keep them open


Accountability Before Responsibility

When you hit a problem we are accountable for resolving it. We do all the leg work to get it done.