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Search Engine Marketing

What Is Search Engine Marketing & How Can It Help Me

What Is Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing Is The Process Of Getting Traffic & Sales In Search Engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, By Both Paid And Unpaid Means.
How Can It Help You To Grow Your Business
83% Of All Consumers Say, When They Are Looking For Information, The Internet Is The First Place They Look.
Here's A Practical Example Of How Search Engine Marketing Can Help.

Here’s a simple example of how, Sem,  Search Engine Marketing Can Grow Your Business.  1000 people are looking for your product or services. With the correct type of Search Engine Marketing campaign, you can make sure a percentage of these people find your business at the time they are searching online.  These are viable prospects that you can convert into customers.

What Search Engine Marketing Services Do We Provide
PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

Using google AdWords or Pay Per Click,(PPC) we can bring targeted traffic to your website.  This means that pre qualified prospects are the only visitors that will come to your website.


The way we set up and manage Google AdWords allows you to set a budget for each month that you are willing to spend to get the visitors to your wesbite.  We can tell you how many visitors you can expect, the devices that they will visit your website from and how many you can expect to convert into paying customers.


This differs significantly from traditional media such as radio, tv and newspapers. This also differs from other search engine marketing companies.  We talk about sales not visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

With search engine optimisation we target pre qualified prospects and bring them to your website. The main difference between search engine optimisation and Google AdWords management is that you do not pay for each visitor to your site.


Other differences of importance are that:

  1. It  can take a number of months to get your website on page 1 in google
  2. You cannot change the textual content of your listing dynamically
  3. You are limited in how you can display your company listing
  4. Your website will not feature at the top of listings on mobile devices.


However some benifits you do have with search engine optimisation over AdWords are:

  1. You don’t pay each time someone visits your website
  2. Your website is in top rankings 24 hours each day

In our experience, when we have combined AdWords with Search Engine Optimisation for our clients, we have noticed a 27% increase in conversions. (Leads & Sales) Compared to just using AdWords or Just Using SEO to bring traffic.

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