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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design


Our responsive and professional web design templates allow you to easily manage and personalise your website. Our beautiful websites are designed on leading edge platforms.


Every website that we design is optimised for every device on the market.  This means that whether your customer is using their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, our web design shows up perfectly.

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Customer Centric Design

When it comes to web design, our team builds the side around your customer.  Each website is focused on your customer experience from the time they arrive on your site to the time they fill in a contact form or make a purchase.

You should expect a graphically pleasing site but with Rainmaker you get much more.

Each page is designed with your customer in mind.  We want to move them from visitor to prospect to customer as soon as possible.

user experience
responsive web design

All About Leads/Sales

As our only focus is lead and sales generation you will hardly be surprised that each step of our web design process is delivering exactly that.


Each image and piece of text combined with the correct calls to action are employed to bring your prospect further into the sales funnel.


We see our web design as delivering a platform, the sole purpose of which is generating leads and sales. With our more advanced campaign’s we will even create multiple versions of each web page to ensure the highest rate of conversion possible.

Funneling Your Prospects

Our web design strategies include funneling your prospects from the first point of contact through the process of qualifying them and completing them as a customer.


We design our web pages to inform your prospect at each stage of the buying cycle.  Bringing them from strangers through to visitors, validating them as leads and then qualifying them as customers.


This is done by defining the type of customer you do and don’t want buying your services and giving them information relevant to them as a prospect and at each stage of their buying cycle.

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