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About Us

Why Rainmaker Online Marketing ?

We feel that we scratch that itch. Short and Sweet. Yeah?


We could talk about our extensive client base, how many years we are in business and our prime location.  Great, yes? not really.


We are in the market because we fill that gap. The one that exists between marketing and sales.  When it comes to SMARKETING that’s where you will find us. We are probably the only Digital Marketing Agency you will speak to that will tell you how many sales you can expect from your digital marketing spend.



Kevin Doyle M.D.

One of our recently acquired clients in our initial meeting stated that the were Massively Underwhelmed By Our (Marketing) Industry. As you can imagine. that would probably put you under a lot of pressure in a first meeting with a prospect. He followed up before I could answer by saying that he felt we were different, to my relief. Again, before I could say anything he said my business card was the first Marketing companies card that he saw lead and sales generation written on. After an hour of a meeting he said that unless he was totally wrong we actually had a sales meeting not a marketing meeting.

Now we have been working with this client for approximately 6 months and the results are speaking for themselves.  Quantifiable and definite outcomes for quantifiable and definitive inputs.  In English, ROI, we told him what he needed to spend and based on his margin how much he would make.


So Long Story Short: We get it, as digital marketing agency we are in the business of generating leads and sales.


What our client looked for was, openness, transparency and to be able to trust us.  That, in essence is what we are founded on.


We look to work with like-minded companies. We want long relationships with them seen as valued members of their team.  We want to be integrated in their sales operations as smarketers.


Businesses we do  work well with are those that  have a handle on their numbers, can tell you how well their existing campaigns are performing, can tell us what they see as a successful campaign.


The difference our clients find working with Rainmaker Online Marketing as their preferred digital marketing supplier is that we can’t take our foot off the accelerator, can’t take our eye off the ball.  We don’t have other duties to attend to as we are 100% focused on lead and sales generation.


Within Rainmaker Online Marketing, we value openness, transparency. We have been fortunate to find people who are always challenging their boundaries in how to better their last project.  They think like sales people and are rewarded as sales people.


We Will Be Trusted by our consistant delivery of our message and more importantly our ability to deliver on our promises. We will explain in detail how we will get results and clearly outline expectations and results.

– We Will Be Trusted


We will listen to our clients needs and explain the options that are available to them outlining the Pro’s and Con’s of each. We will explain In Plain English How We Carry Out Our Work

– We Will Be Transparent


We will strive to be the leaders in delivering solutions that guarantee unparalleled customer satisfaction. We will do this by informing our clients of what we intend to do, setting metrics up that show our success and keeping them in the loop.

– Customer Satisfaction

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