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7 Calls To Action That Increase Conversions


7 Calls To Action That Increase Conversions

7 Calls To Action That Convert


Firstly, lets define what a call to action is for a Digital Marketing Agency.


Your call to action(CTA) is part of your creative either in ad content or your webpage that tells your visitor or target audience that they should be doing.  In this article we will put our PPC Agency hat on and try explain how it works.

The simplest call to action will be a “Buy Now!” CTA.  The more information you can provide your potential customer with your CTA, the higher a success rate you will have with conversions.

You can let your audience know what to expect when they click on your ad and you can help prevent the wrong users from clicking by including a clear message.

1 Use A Strong CTA

Make it short and sweet. Remember, you only have 35 characters to play with so get straight to the point. Let them know exactly what you want them to do.  If you don’t, the next person in the serp will. Remember also to use strong wording such as can and will.  Of you use wording that implies may it can be understood as may not.

2 Use words that provoke Emotion or enthusiasm

You want to be able to elicit a strong response from your audience as a result of their enthusiasm.  If your CTA is enthusiastic then your audience will be aswell. An example is 3 people in a row. You ask them can they help, they get one word each, If two say yes and one says maybe, who do you think is going to seal the deal. A real life example would be “Buy Now and get Free Shipping!”

3 Give Your Audience A Reason Why They Should Take That Action

Whats in it for them.  Remember its all about them.  Will it help the save money or make money.  Make their lives more enjoyable ore easier.  People like something for free.  If it can be something that you do anyway why not incorporate it.  An example would be a free consultation.

4 Take advantage of the fear factor.

What happens if I miss out on this deal.  Time limited offers or sales is always a great way to spur on the audience.

5 Know Your Target Devices

Create separate ads for mobile as opposed to tablet and desktop devices.  Remember with a telephone in your audiences hand and a CTA such as a call button, they are only one click away from your sales team. “Call Now For 50% Off” sounds good with a CTA.

6 Work And Rework the CTA.

You will find that in each market vertical there will be a difference in language that will resonate with each different audience. Create as many varients of your Ad Copoy as necessary to find the Ad copy that works with the CTA that gets the highest click through.

7 Include percentages where possible.

50 percent off doesn’t look as well as 50% Off. If it suits your market include the price. TV for €500 This Week Only! Works well.

The one thing we would advise is try, try and try again.  Where we find most businesses loose out big is by devoting too little time to working their AdWords account.  Why a PPC Agency gets the numbers right is, this is what they do, all day every day.  They specialise in it.  They have to work and rework the copy, the bids and squeeze every last ounce from a campaign to endure that they get a return on investment for their clients.

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