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5 Tips To Make Adwords – PPC Marketing Profitable


5 Tips To Make Adwords – PPC Marketing Profitable

As a Digital Marketing Agency, one of the cornerstones of our business is that of Google Adwords Management or PPC Management.

The majority of our new clients have come to us because they have been working with a PPC Agency or a PPC Management company of some type.

While there have been numerous blogs and articles written covering the A to Z of how campaigns AdWords accounts should be set up, we have found that there are some common themes that could steer you in the right direction to a higher performing Google AdWords account.

Think Like A Customer:

Your customers may or may not be as well informed as you are regarding the service you provide so you need to add keywords that are relevant to them during their search, not just the Industry phrases that you already understand.

Give Your Customers What They Want:

When your customer searches for a particular phrase and arrives at your website, make sure that their landing page is related to that phrase. The last thing you want is to have paid for a visitor and have them leave because they don’t see what they came for.

Stand Out From The Crowd:

Make sure the content of your Google Ad stands out in the crowd when someone searches for your product and service.  Check out the competition and see what they have as Ad Content. 85% of Ads just blend in on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Great customer service and being in business for over 30 years, while being very important as a discussion point are not as enticing as offers, discounts and things that make you stand out from the crowd. An example would be free delivery, free surveys or time limited offers.

Make Your Landing Page Clean and Simple:

So you have your customer on the page that you directed them to.  Don’t confuse them with reasons to leave that page you paid to get them to.  Make your product or service easy to read and understand, include bullet points to support your text, and highlight the text that makes sense to stand out.

Manage your budget wisely:

While we regularly hear new clients say that increasing the budget is the advice they received to get more traffic, pay attention to your existing spend first before you throw more money at the problem. As a digital marketing agency we squeeze every penny out of a campaign before we increase the budget for it.  Google AdWords rewards effort and if you increase your keyword score they respond by lowering your cost per click. The way to increase your keyword score is to align your keyword with an advert that is exactly related to the keyword and make sure your customer lands on a web page that is related to the keyword.

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