3 Top Tips To AdWords Remarketing
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3 Top Tips To Adwords Remarketing


3 Top Tips To Adwords Remarketing

Adwords Remarketing – The Way A PPC Agency Does It:

One of the greatest and most underutilised features in adwords accounts that, as a Digital Marketing Agency,  we have reviewed has to have been Adwords Remarketing.
Retargeting is picking up a head of steam in the PPC world in the last quarter of 2014, and with good reason. While display campaigns get lower click-through rates than search on average (.5% and 4% respectively), retargeting ads allow the innate branding opportunity found in display advertising to expand to targeting transactional users who are more likely to convert. This is especially helpful for the 67% of folks who abandon their shopping carts (according to the Baymard Institute) – people who have already expressed interest in your product, but for whatever reason, didn’t convert.
Think about it another way. You paid for a visitor to come into your shop, walk around and leave but before they leave you get to give them a reminder that pops into their mind whenever they think of products or services related to your business. Think of the power of that.


For the purposes of this post, we define a successful remarketing campaign as one in which a user becomes a customer within the timeframe of the campaign.

Here are three things to do to keep performance high in your successful remarketing campaign:


Keep them as customers by adapting the campaign to similar products

The Very nature of remarketing campaigns is following a transactional prospect until they convert on your product. If a client came to your site and purchased a product, they do not need to see another ad of the same product. This could create customer confusion and have them believe that perhaps holding off on their purchase could have resulted in a better price. If they were to see an associated or related ad, for example a camera related to a lens or memory card promoted, they will me much more likely to convert. Google’s Beta Study of its dynamic remarketing product and users found that there was a “2 X increase in conversions and 60% reduction in CPA” which proves the relevance of product suggestions among converted traffic.

Don’t Keep Following Them Around With The Same Message

Without updating your message you will lose your customers. Keeping a converted client on a remarketing campaign without updating your message conveys one of two terrible things about your brand: you don’t know your customers, or worse you don’t care about them.

Brand affinity is important

Be selective where your brand promotes itself. When your remarketing campaign concludes, ass whether the client opportunity can be expanded on the domain it was initially captured on, or whether another domain would have better success.

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