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The 1 Reason Your Marketing Isnt Growing Your Bottom Line

Margeting Growing Your Bottom Line

The 1 Reason Your Marketing Isnt Growing Your Bottom Line

Ok, you are frustrated.  You have spent lots of money on marketing and yet it isn’t generating enough leads or not as much as you think it should.

In this article, we detail how you can target better, more qualified traffic for your website which will in turn create more qualified sales and help grow your bottom line.


So where to start,

Let’s start at the very beginning, I know that’s boring isn’t it. I’ve been at this a long time surely, I don’t need to go back to basics the problem is somewhere in the end of the funnel not the top of the funnel.  We are getting enough traffic to the website, we are paying the guys in the marketing team lots of Wonga but there’s still something missing, yeah?

The problem is simple, the solution is equally simple. 

Fail to plan and you plan to fail, you don’t let your sales team out the door with an “Im busy” statement.  You have defined goals for them each month which tally with the results at the end of your yearly forecasts, so why not do the same with your marketing.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who do I sell best to and no its not everybody.
  2. What do I sell most of, again it’s not everything?

The closer you get to the customer bullseye the easier it is to sell and the more of your product/service you can sell to.


If you already have customers it’s easier than if you are starting out.

If you look at your existing customers they buy a certain product off you and fit into a certain category.  The difficulty is the time you need to delve into the data.

You need to be ruthless about your target audience, we have selected 15 items that will help you put a personal feel to your customer bullseye.

  1. What is their age, gender?
  2. What is their Job Role or Title?
  3. How is their job measured?
  4. Who do they report to?
  5. Who reports to them
  6. What is their industry
  7. What size of organisation do they work for
  8. What are their responsibilities
  9. What are their goals
  10. What are their biggest challenges
  11. What publications or blogs do they read
  12. What social networks do they use
  13. How do they gain information for their job?
  14. What way do they like to communicate?
  15. Do they search online for vendors?

If you are saying at this stage too much information, I don’t need to know all that or it’s too time consuming then that’s fine.  The time could be better spent by you at the end of the year going through your sales figures and trying to find out why for the 2nd or 3rd year in a row you haven’t actually grown the business but you are still spending perceived large amounts of money on your marketing.

Any digital marketing agency worth its salt is taking these factors into account as a minimum amount of information they need to target your customer.  The better idea they have of your customer the better equipped they are to find them for you.

With your perfect customer defined you now need to know which product you are going to sell, the one with the biggest margin or the one you can sell the most of.

At this stage, they will be asking you what your numbers for the year are.

If you don’t have your sales projections or forecasts for the month or the year then you need to get them.

The most important benefit of search engine marketing is the quantifiability of the searches per month. Whether its Google AdWords, SEO, Email Marketing or PPC Marketing you will know ahead of time how many people are searching for your products and services.

The bottom line, “If they Aren’t looking for your services you can’t sell them”.

Then it’s the job of the marketing agency to but budgets together to let you know the costs.

In conclusion:

With your plan in your hand you should now know:

  • Who you can sell to
  • What you can sell them
  • How many people are looking for your business
  • How many of them need to become customers to grow your bottom line
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