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Generating Leads And Sales

Business’s serious about Generating Leads, dont have the time or the knowledge to investigate what the internet has to offer them in the line of Internet Marketing. Its not their core competency, But it is Ours!

- Business's serious about Generating Leads

How We Create Value

LEad GenerationAs an online marketing company, our focus is not based on one offering alone but it is focused on one thing alone, “Generating Leads”.  As specialists in our field we find where your customers are looking on the internet and design strategic marketing plans to capture your intended audience.  At Rainmaker Online Marketing, the how is not important, all that matters it that you get results and Return On Your Investment.

Why Our Clients Stay With Us!

Online Marketing

Rainmaker Online Marketing are an online Marketing Agency backed by over two decades delivering best in class solutions to companies who want a partner who:

  • They Can Trust
  • Deliver Excellent Customer Satisfaction
  • Actually Care about their Businesses
  • Gets Results
  • Gives ROI

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Your Challenges

Business ChallangesCompanies are now faced with even more complex challenges. How to minimise expenses and cost while maximising profits and revenue in an ever changing Online Marketing environment. Our company has the knowledge, experience and time to create innovative Online Marketing solutions to meet even the most complex challenges in lead generation.

How We Help

Online StrategyWe will help you gain more highly targeted and specific traffic to your business with customised campaigns that increase your visibility on the internet. The sole purpose of these campaigns are to generate leads and sales and giving you Return on your investment.

Note, we dont say “More Traffic” We Say “More Highly Targeted Traffic”.

Our Knowledge

Marketing StrategyAs industry Leaders in Online Marketing, we have developed measurable and highly efficient strategies to help companies achieve their goals. We explain in plain language how we plan our work and how they can measure the results. Online  marketing is not smoke and mirrors, It is a measurable and quantifiable amount of work input to generate a measurable and quantifiable output.


Marketing SolutionsAs strategists, we are constantly looking at upcoming solutions to meet business needs so that you are positioned to leverage our knowledge to maxamise your profits. The beauty of the internet is that there is nowhere to hide. We can see where your competitors are coming from, where they are and more importantly how they got there.